RACINE — President Donald Trump’s 25 percent tariffs on steel imports is helping one Racine business expand.

In the past two weeks, Anthony Anniballi, president of Motor Specialty Inc. tells us they have gotten five inquiries that could give them one million dollars in business. He showed us the small motors they make for companies to put in anything from blenders to garage door openers.

Overseas competition is now knocking on their door to avoid the 25 percent tariff. “China, Taiwan, Romania looking for us to manufacture motors in the United States,” explained Anniballi.

He tells us it is tough to fill six new positions to get the jobs done. Even with pay up to $17 an hour and four weeks paid vacation.

He hopes those who will soon be in new government positions in our state will have an answer.

“Automation is not the only answer. I hope the politicians continue to invest in the youth and invest in trades,” said Anniballi.

The company hopes to double their staff to more than 60 wihin the next five years.