Armature & Fields

fields & armatures

Product Overview

MSI’s Armatures & Fields are available as a set, in a skeleton style bracket open framed motor, or as individual components. All options can be customized to your design or with Motor Specialty standard laminations. Our engineers can work with you to ensure each customized motor part is made with precision to fit your product’s specifications.

Our high-quality armatures are built to the highest of standards to provide precision balance and long life. Our Made In America products are not only high quality, but come with the great customer service you deserve. We will work with you to ensure timely delivery based on your needs in both quantity and frequency, as we strive to be not just your supplier, but your stocking partner.

Quick Specs

Type: B, DW, D, E, K, PQ, TS, R
Cord or Leads
Lead wire, standard or customizable connectors
C.W., C.C.W., Reversible
Shaft Diameter
.250 up to .750
Shaft Extension
Single or double
Fan cooled available
12-230 VDC/VAC
Series or shunt
Up to 10,000
Horsepower Range
Up to 2 HP


  • Precision machined splined, straight and geared shafts
  • Class A insulation (105°C)
  • Bondable field magnet wire
  • 100% quality tested
  • Computer balanced armatures


  • Geared shafts available
  • Heat treatment available
  • Thermal protection available
  • Class F insulation (155°C) available
  • Installed bearings available


Standard designs and customized motor parts help reduce design, prototype and production challenges. Let MSI be your motor partner, with over 70 years of experience our team can help you get to market fast. We will work with you to customize our armatures and fields to fit your specifications. We will then manufacture the number that you need, with no minimum orders like other motor manufacturers.

You can rest assured that your armatures are fully tested and ready to work. All armatures and fields are tested on fully calibrated and maintained ESW testers including our brand-new ESW model AT7000 and AT6000 armature testers.


  • Pipe threader
  • Drain cleaning equipment
  • Home comfort devices
  • Electric hoist
  • Industrial blower assembly
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Industrial vacuum/Blower
  • Hand held disc grinder
  • Radial arm saw
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Post tool grinder
  • Insulation blower assembly
  • Man hole ventilator system
  • Centrifuge

Technical Drawings

Armature And Field Drawings

Motor Performance Curves