Motor Specialty Inc. has been building custom electric motors since 1947. Today, we design and manufacture custom universal, shunt wound, permanent magnet fractional & integral horsepower electric motors, gear motors and armatures & fields up to 2 HP, 12 volts to 240 volts. But what is an electric motor and how important are they?

Electric motors are all around us from toys to toothbrushes to appliances to cars to planes. Most of our day would be different if we didn’t have electric motors. The motors that are built at Motor Specialty are not the large ones you would find powering a car or a large industrial machine, but are generally smaller and found in standard appliances for the food industry, medical equipment, such as centrifuges, and machine tools, such as electric hammers, vacuums, winches, etc.

laboratory centrifuge

There are various types of electric motors but some of the most common are Permanent Magnet DC Motors. These motors rely on an armature carrying a current and placed between two permanent magnets so the north and south poles are perpendicular to the armature. When the current flows through the armature, this produces rotational movement due to the generated magnetic field. That movement then spins the armature which spins the shaft thus operating the machine.

Motor Specialty is able to customize the size and power of the motors to accommodate your needs. There are many advantages created by the permanent magnet DC motors some of which are the fast starting and stopping force. Our engineers will discuss the speed and torque you require and ensure you receive the right permanent magnet DC motor for your application! Contact us today to request a quote.