Motor Specialty Inc. embarked on an energy reduction campaign that improved employee working conditions and simultaneously reduced our carbon footprint. MSI went through three phases to initiate this. The first phase included having the entire plant’s aging florescent lighting system upgraded to modern high efficiency LED lighting, which is also mercury free and has higher lumens, providing better light. The second phase included an upgrade to its compressed air system, which involved a replacement with a modern VSD (variable speed drive), a system that can lower energy as the plant demand fluctuates instead of always running at one speed. The dryer for the air was also replaced with a high efficiency system. The final phase was to use the heat from the same compressor with an automated system that captures the usable heat from the compressor and channels it into the plant when heating is desired.

The result of these upgrades will reduce our energy usage by over 92,000 Kw per year, an accomplishment we are all proud of.