Just one year after being promoted from Plant Manager to Vice President of Manufacturing, a position which he executed with tremendous success, Charles Helm has been promoted to Executive Vice President at Motor Specialty Inc., effective January 1, 2020.

Charles first started working for Motor Specialty in 1983 as a General Laborer. From day one he demonstrated a dedication not only to his work but to the company, its employees and its customers which led to his being promoted early and often.

During his 37 years at Motor Specialty, Charles has worked as Field Setup, Machine Shop Setup, Armature Setup, Armature Department Foreman and Armature and Field Department Foreman all before becoming Plant Manager, Vice President of Manufacturing and presently Executive Vice President. Charles’ extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in virtually every area of the manufacturing process has made him an invaluable resource for employees.

Quite impressively, Charles was able to further his education all while working full time at Motor Specialty. He began by attending management seminars through Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC) and then enrolled at Gateway Technical College where he earned both his Machine Tool Operator Certificate as well as his Associate of Supervisory Management.

In 2010, Charles received his Bachelor of Business Management from Concordia University. He also received 60 college credits in Project Management this past September.

Charles’ dedication to furthering his education is all part of his personal commitment to being as prepared as possible to perform any given role at Motor Specialty to the best of his abilities.

Any Motor Specialty employee can confirm that Charles is constantly promoting the importance of “Being Responsible to Your Position®,” a saying which has become regarded as his mantra, in an effort to instill a sense of accountability and to make sure that “no bad part is ever knowingly passed by any employee at any stage of production.”

As of March 8, 2016, due to the insistence of several employees, along with multiple Motor Specialty customers who were impressed by the effectiveness of this phrase in action, “Being Responsible to Your Position®” is officially a registered trademark owned by Charles Helm.

Motor Specialty’s tagline, “Pride In Motion” is also a product of Charles’s keen ability to convey an idea in a way that will motivate and inspire people.

The idea was prompted by the need for employees to take pride in their work and to feel a greater sense of ownership in the company’s success. Charles was responsible for coming up with the phrase “Pride in Motion,” as well as for incorporating it into everyday conversation so that it is now present in every decision made by each individual Motor Specialty employee at all stages of production.

Since initiating Charles’s “Pride In Motion,” Motor Specialty has seen immediate improvements in quality which continue to this day.

In regard to taking on the role of Executive Vice President, Charles explains “I owe a lot to the veterans who were here before me. I was lucky to work with some amazing people who were able to pass their knowledge on to me.”

Charles goes on to say “I have so many people who trust me, so I have to be my best for them. It’s important to have the trust of the people you work with on a daily basis.”

“I have to do what’s best for the company and for the workers which involves a lot of research and reflection to come up with the best answer.”

As Executive Vice President, Charles is responsible for overseeing and tending to the needs of 43 employees—a responsibility which he does not take lightly.

“The way I see it, I’m not just responsible for 43 employees but for 43 families, and I take that very seriously.”

When asked why he has stayed with Motor Specialty for 37 years, his answer was immediate.

Charles Helm, Executive Vice President at Motor Specialty Inc., inside MSI’s manufacturing facility located in Racine, WI.

“Motor Specialty is my second home. The owners have always cared so much for the employees—I actually feel like I’m part of their family.”

This sense of family extends to his employees as well.

“Coming from the floor (working in the shop) has helped people feel like they can trust me because I’ve been in their shoes, and this familiarity allows people to speak lighter with me and feel comfortable coming to me with any issues or concerns they have. It’s helped me gain their respect, even when there are disagreements.”

In addition to his commitment to Motor Specialty, Charles has been extremely active as a leader in the Racine community.

Charles currently serves as a member of the Leadership Racine program, a RAMAC program for which various Racine area business leaders are recruited to work together with the goal of improving the Racine community. As a member, Charles is currently using his knowledge and expertise in project management to help local non-profit organizations grow and thrive.

Charles also serves as a member of the Racine Community Development Committee and was recently appointed by the Mayor of Racine, Cory Mason, to be on the Community Development Block Grants Advisory Board.

Without a doubt, it can be expected that Charles will continue to exemplify both “Pride In Motion” as well as his trademarked “Being Responsible to Your Position®” in his new role as Executive Vice President at Motor Specialty Inc.