Motor Specialty Inc. (MSI) is committed to assuring great customer service. In fact, we are so committed that when Baldor-Reliance discontinued various product lines, MSI purchased and relocated all of their machinery and equipment from their plant in Clarksville, Arkansas to Racine, Wisconsin to ensure that customers would be able to receive replacement motors, should the need arise. Motor Specialty is able to offer Permanent Magnet DC motors that are comparable in specification, performance and application to Baldor-Reliance’s discontinued Universal Permanent Magnet DC Motors, Totally Enclosed Non-Vented (TENV) motors, gear motors & speed reducers. For a complete listing of available replacement motors, please visit our Baldor-Reliance page.

While you are now aware of just how committed Motor Specialty is to our customers, let’s look at a few other customization services MSI provides to ensure you are receiving the highest quality products at the right specifications for your needs.

  • CNC Turning of Shafts & Spindles: Available 1/4“ to 1” shaft and spindle sizes, along with keyways, flats, pinion gears and both I.D. and O.D. threading and knurling.
  • Grinding: Precision grinding that accommodates the most precise specifications. With a 10” Swing and 24” between centers.
  • Powder Coating: Motor Specialty features a multi-jet Nordson powder coating line with a Jaeger & Light heated drying tunnel, complete with a 7” by 12” opening. MSI uses Tiger Drylac coatings.
  • Part Cleaning: Utilizing a 2-part combination system (Soap/Degreasing and Metal Etching) for each part to ensure all manufacturing lubricants and contaminants are eliminated prior to the part being powder coated.
  • CNC Milling: Employing a Haas VF2 CNC vertical mill with a large workable surface, 20-pocket carousel tool changer and custom made fixturing. We also have multiple CNC knee mills of various sizes, able to carry out small production runs or custom machining.
  • Pressing Options: Be it the need for bearing pressing, lamination stacking or anything in between, Motor Specialty features Denison and Niagara presses from 2-ton to 8-ton capabilities. We also feature the ability to manufacture custom pressing tooling.

MSI is capable of customizing your motor to fit any needs you may have to add value to your manufacturing procedures and products.

Motor Specialty Inc is a name you can trust for high-quality, “Made In America” DC motors. If you have any questions about our procedures or equipment, please contact us today! If you require new replacement motors, request a quote and our electric motor experts will reach out to you soon.