Welcome DJMotor Specialty is excited to welcome D.J. Smith to our team! D.J. joined us in September as our Marketing and Sales Manager.

Since the day he was hired, D.J. has made an impact within the company. His skills and background in the Manufacturing Industry, as well as accomplishments with previous Marketing and Sales leadership positions, have only benefited Motor Specialty. We look forward to seeing where his future goals lead us.

When D.J. is not diligently working at Motor Specialty, he lives vicariously through his 13-year-old son and his extracurricular activities, such as karate; his son just recently graduated to his brown belt!! During the summer months, the father/son duo loves to camp and do short hikes at various Wisconsin parks.

When we asked D.J. what he likes most about MSI, he stated, “I love that I work for a company that manufactures their products locally. That is just remarkable!”

Motor Specialty is lucky to have such a team player as a part of our family. Please help us give D.J. a warm MSI welcome!