Meet Desiree Kreuzpaintner. Desiree joined our team as our Office Manager and, with her skill set and knowledge, she quickly took on roles within our HR department.
Since her first day, Desiree has made a positive impact at Motor Specialty. She is always willing to step in wherever it is needed. When Desiree is not working hard at MSI, she can be found traveling around camping with her family.
Before starting at Motor Specialty, Desiree was a stay-at-home mom. This was the perfect transition for her to come work for a small, family-oriented company. When asked what she liked most about working at MSI, she replied, “I like how nice my boss and co-workers are. I enjoy working in such a friendly atmosphere, which means I look forward to working every day. I like how we are treated like a family because family is very important to me.”
Motor Specialty is grateful to have such an amazing team player as part of our family.