Motor Specialty Inc. has a hardworking team of individuals who have come together to create our newest gearmotor. We are proud to introduce the latest in revolutionary technology, PMDC Gearmotors for conveyors.

We have found that our MSI gearmotor is up to 40% – 50% quieter than parallel shaft gearmotors. Other findings include:

  • Reduced in-rush current compared to parallel shaft PMDC gearmotors
  • 1/20 thru ½ HP

Our team had an independent analysis performed by IMS: Gear to determine the differences & similarities between the Planetary and the Parallel Shaft gearmotor. The results we found were incredible.

  • The Parallel Shaft Gearmotor has acoustic performance differences between the turning directions, where the Planetary Gearmotor does not
  • The MSI gearbox is significantly quieter than the Parallel Shaft Gearmotor
  • In the Counter Clockwise (CCW) turning direction, it is between 25% – 30% quieter
  • In the Clockwise (CW) turning direction, it is between 40% – 50% quieter

There were also some differences at load cases including:

  • The Parallel Shaft Gearmotor shows differences at the load case (same speed different torque). At the higher torque the Parallel Shaft Gearmotor is up to 10% louder, the MSI Gearmotor shows no differences.

After all of our analysis, our conclusion is that the MSI Gearmotor is significantly better acoustically! If you are looking for a PMDC Gearmotor for conveyors, contact our team today!